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Nature is
our only ingredient

Herbal tradition and technological innovation


Alta Natura®, a trademark of Inalme srl, was founded in 2001 by Fabio Impellizzeri. Its mission is to support the psychophysical well-being of people, enhancing nature.

Alta Natura® products combine the herbal tradition teachings with the rigour and the precision of the scientific methods, translating them into high quality and safety standards of the final product.

The attention to our products derives from a great trust in the use of the therapeutic properties of medicinal plants and a deep bond to the values of the herbal tradition that lead the company for years, putting technology and innovation at the service of excellence.

The trademark, born from the deep passion for phytotherapy, was developed in this field and established itself on the market shortly, where it is well-known as one of the most important reality in this field.

These results have been achieved thanks to the professionalism and the technical expertise which allow to carefully follow the following the supply chains:

  • selection of raw materials
  • innovative technologies
  • increasingly automated manufacturing processes
  • laboratory tests and controls on every raw material and finished product.


We are specialised in manufacturing food supplements, a know-how that we have transferred, successfully increasing our offer in the field of health and cosmetics.

Our lines are characterised by the presence of more product formulations, designed to satisfy everybody’s needs: from children and pregnant women to adults and older people.

Sportspeople, and all those who want to improve their phychophysical well-being, will find the most suitable solutions for their needs.

Vegan Ok certification characterises Alta Natura® items thanks to the high ethical and environmental standards adopted.

Gluten and Lactose certifications are based on the results of the tested performed in the R&D laboratories according to ELISA and immunoensymatic methods, recognised by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Food supplements

Our formulas are designed with raw materials and developped through patented methods, for which we guarantee the absence of GMO, ionising radiations and phytopharmaceuticals.

Our products are provided with the following certifications that ensure maximum safety:

  • Gluten free
  • Vegan ok
  • Lactose free
  • BIO


Natural cosmetics

Alta Natura® cosmetics are natural, biocompatible and environmentally sustainable, or provided with BIO (organic) certification.

Our cosmetics follow the “free from” parameter, as well as they are:

  • dermatologically tested on sensitive skin;
  • microbiologically tested;
  • tested for the absence of heavy metals.

Organic cosmetics are also provided with requirements in compliance with the specifications allowed of “Organic and Natural Cosmetics”.

Natrue®, a cosmetic certification, defines the high standard of the products natureless, thus identifying organic and original natural cosmetics at international level.

Our strenghts

By following highly-innovative methods and respecting the Italian herbal tradition, Alta Natura® has added value in anyone’s life through the promotion of phytotherapy as synonym of quality, efficacy and safety for the benefit of those we care:

The final customer

customer regains shortly his own well-being and a deep state of health through the use of effective phytotherapic solutions.

Herbalists and pharmacists

are able to provide efficient responses to their own customers through the sales of safe products manufactured by respecting men and nature.

Responsible packaging

In our packaging, we combine the environmental protection and the respect of the current and future generations’ needs.

Recyclable and reusable

Corrugated cardboard packaging made from recycled and 100% recyclable paper and cardboard: they are so resistant that are readily reusable. In order to protect our products during shipping, we use  low-density polyethylene protection material, which is 100% recyclable.

Zero waste

The packaging structure is designed to specifically reduce the size and the use of unnecessary materials.

Forest protection

The smaller packaging size allows to put more products inside the shipping boxes.

A smaller packaging leads to more space and less  shipping boxes. This means more paper saved and more forests protected!

ECF and FSC paper

produced in accordance with sustainable forest management procedures.

Take it easy!

The smaller packaging size allows to make display easier, providing more space in the store shelves.

Easy recycling

The packaging of our products and the shipping boxes are recyclable. The labels stuck on our products and boxes are easy to remove: once removed, they are ready to be recycled.

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Gli ordini ricevuti tra il
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verranno evasi a partire
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